Your truly a disgrace to all Samoans Prime. Obviously you fell out of 1 too many Trees growing up.  I'd hate to think to think all samoans were as crazy and stupid as you are. Give it a rest, lifeless loser, go dance in your skirt and get some sunshine.  Knowing my history, you even raise my eyebrows on how crazy you are. You are one of bigger nutcases I've ever seen. An I'd hate to think you are an example of the Samoan people. You even have me shaking my head at how crazy you are.  There are other subjects to discuss other than "Tiger vs Lion."

I mean do you want me dismantle your list? Is that what you crave? Attention? Do you want somebody to play with? You raging nut?

For starters

22 and 45 of yours are repeats. Same account. 

The fight was clyde beattys Lion Detroit vs Alice the tigress. You even lied on the 45 repeat, when the link from newspaper archives clearly talks about the Alice Tigress vs Male lion (Beatty) fight.
6 is a metaphor %%*@@@%, and has nothing to with a tiger lion fight?

But Prime if you want use metaphor examples as accounts. I got three accounts, you can have your one metaphor.smiley: laugh

Here's three accounts I can use, if you use that account. Which has nothing do with an actually tiger lion fight.


12 is made up posted and random internet blog.  That a %%*@@@% like you found.

45 is a complete lie by you. The fight was clyde beattys Lion Detroit vs Alice the tigress.
You even provided a link to the repeated Detroit lion vs tigress.
30 is an internet false video made by a lion-fanatic, has nothing to with an account.  Is false

1 is you lying and giving your spin on a video.
2 is you lying posting a false picture of "hobi"
3 is you lying and trying to twist the account. An giving false personal opinions of the tigresses size
4 really isn't a fight in "account terms"
5 clyde beatty
7 Dave hoover repeating Clyde beatty instances, 2nd hand clyde beaty, no specific account. 

27 and 28 big cage we have the video
Lion loses.
Video > Words

44 fake and gay. Made up account. fictional story
8 and 48 same exact book and account. An the internet website holds no merrit. An he's referring to the Gir forest.

47 fictional story
20 is the gir forest, and it's Michael Jordan talking about it repeat.


An I could go on about everything you listed, the fakes, the spins on videos, repeats, etc.

But this debate is stupid and overdone.

An some stupid fat crazy samoan guy is trying to relight it.

When it was the lion-side that started fake accounts, edited videos (big cage, gir forest, Jungle Jim, king of the jungle), and bashing the tiger.

The samoan guy "prime" comes out of nowhere not knowing the history.

There something to make you happy skirt dancing "Prime".

There you go future serial-killer Prime.

You can't even make an honest list of quality non repeat tigress beatty accounts.  Your list is still full of repeats an dogshit.

A quick glance your account list is at 5, not 50.

When you get to 10 accounts, call me.

Rage on something, that somebody cares.  Move on you crazy lunatic who came out of nowhere Obsessed with "Tiger vs Lion", not knowing anything about the history.  Your worthless dogshit, have low esteem, and this is the very last time I will ever respond to you.

Move on, nobody here cares about "tiger vs Lion".....The end

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