9 repeated clyde beatty, and as an added bonus you lied about the account, while being stupid enough to post the link. No Tigress/tiger killed in a specific incident, just you lieing again.

10 Made up account never happened

11 proof? Made up

15 your lieing as usual. The lion cut the tiger. An the wound later got infected causing the tiger to succumb.

16 your lieing, both were tigresses against Detroit.

17 Is a complete lie, from a lying jackoff.  That is referring to Detroit killing a tigress in which you just listed at 16. Has nothing to do with a lioness or Siberian tiger.

24 is Clyde Beatty Alice tigress account repeated.

25 is a repeat from 23

26 no account clyde beatty, and we don't know what's being talked about

31 is a lie, no tiger was killed. Your lying, and your link even shows your lying. a tiger was knocked down by a lion in your link, that's it.

32 clyde beatty 2nd hand.

33 No source 

37 unreliable google book search book

42 is made up, no such account exists from the fort wayne gazette

46 unreliable crap, not much of a fight anyways

49 is an internet website blog, has no merit in this debate. isn't an account, a internet website with ramblings.

50 made up and fake by you

22 and 45 of yours are repeats. Same account. 

The fight was clyde beattys Lion Detroit vs Alice the tigress. You even lied on the 45 repeat, when the link from newspaper archives clearly talks about the Alice Tigress vs Male lion (Beatty) fight.
6 is a metaphor %%*@@@%, and has nothing to with a tiger lion fight?

But Prime if you want use metaphor examples as accounts. I got three accounts, you can have your one metaphor.smiley: laugh

Here's three accounts I can use, if you use that account. Which has nothing do with an actually tiger lion fight.


12 is made up posted and random internet blog.  That a %%*@@@% like you found.

45 is a complete lie by you. The fight was clyde beattys Lion Detroit vs Alice the tigress.
You even provided a link to the repeated Detroit lion vs tigress.
30 is an internet false video made by a lion-fanatic, has nothing to with an account.  Is false

1 is you lying and giving your spin on a video.
2 is you lying posting a false picture of "hobi"
3 is you lying and trying to twist the account. An giving false personal opinions of the tigresses size
4 really isn't a fight in "account terms"
5 clyde beatty
7 Dave hoover repeating Clyde beatty instances, 2nd hand clyde beaty, no specific account. 

27 and 28 big cage we have the video
Lion loses.
Video > Words

44 fake and gay. Made up account. fictional story
8 and 48 same exact book and account. An the internet website holds no merrit. An he's referring to the Gir forest.

47 fictional story
20 is the gir forest, and it's Michael Jordan talking about it repeat.