Crazyfist you are now rediculous Bengal tiger is not larger than Siberian this is science, only fools are easily manipulated by misinformation. Most Captive Siberians exceed Bengal. Most Bengal tigers are nowhere near the heaviest Bengal tiger weight (259kg), considering hunting, prime male# count, exact Sunderban figure, between 335-500, like I said at least 25% of total Bengal tiger population.

..Amid a dispute over Tiger count in Sundarbans,

..There are more Royal Bengal tigers in the Sundarbans than was earlier thought. Exceeding the estimates of the 2011 census..


..Very little is known about the ecology of tigers in the Sundarbans or what measures need to be taken to ensure their continued survival...There is also no monitoring program in place to track changes in the tiger population over time, and therefore no way of measuring the response of the population to conservation activities or threats.. little is known about tiger poaching and trade of tiger parts in Bangladesh, a previous report noted that trade was active in the country (Nowell 2000).. The Sundarbans has been classified as a TC L of global priority, but only because it is the only mangrove habitat supporting tigers, rather than the supposed size of the tiger population it supports (Sanders on et al. 2006).

P. t. tigris 3 212 kg mean ..Notes: All weights taken from Slaght et al. (2005),

..Some weights were listed in Forest Department records, but they were probably mostly guesses, considering the reports of corresponding body lengths (some list ed as over 12 feet). Tiger weights were taken in the field from two ra dio-collared tigers and one tiger killed by local people in a village adjacent to the Sundarbans...Trap effort was not recorded for the first two years, and fo r the last two years e ffort totaled 332 and 174 trap nights respectively (one trap night = one bait or cage set out for one night).

..Bangladesh Sundarbans may contain 300, 150, or 100 adult female tigers or approximately 1,000, 500, or 335 total tigers under the respective scenarios. These may be slight underestimates because the record ed home ranges included some waterways, whereas the total landmass area used to calculate population size did not... Even considering that the home range sizes could be underestimates and the demographic ratios may be smaller in the Sund rbans compared to Nepal, the results of this study still suggest that the Sundarbans may have one of the largest remaining tiger populations in the world. ..

..using the reasonable and conservative scenario home range estimates, would mean that the Bangladesh Sundarbans alone may hold 100-150 adult females or 335-500 tigers in total.

.. High tiger density in the Sundarbans most likely to be related to high prey biomass (Smith et al. 1987; Karanth et al. 2004b),

Sunderban population exact number is difficult to assertain but much higher than thought, and rising up to 500, note the 3 weights of Bengal tiger was 212 kg stomach content weight unverifiable, baiting at night is noted.

The list of fools has grown this week.

A long time ago a strange creature appeared in China and horrified and ate men and animals. The fast and fierce creature was called 'nien' (or 'nian'), which sounds like the Chinese word for 'year'. Neither the fox nor the tiger could fight the 'nien' effectively and in despair the people asked the lion for help.